Video Intro and Bumper Functions

Video Intro and Bumper Functions


If you are a content creator or video editing lover, surely you already know about the function of the video intro and bumper. Because an opening in a video has a vital function.

In general, the function of the video intro and bumper. However, there are differences that are quite striking. This difference can be seen implicitly, so it is quite difficult to distinguish. Here’s the explanation:

  1. The video intro has a function to provide background or music effects to the bumper or opening video. The intro video is also a delivery section and usually contains music or a song. In addition, it adds an effect and an animation to the background used.
  2. Video bumper is a video that is also located at the beginning of the video. Its function is almost the same, namely as an opening. It’s just that, this video is also located at the beginning of a video. Its function remains the same, namely as an opening. It’s just that, if the intro is more specific to the music or introduction song, the bumper is the opening text. The existence of the opening writing is able to make the audience know whose video channel is currently on.

If earlier we discussed the differences between intro and bumper videos, here will be discussed about the use of video intros and bumpers. As many people already know, these two things have the same function as a video opener. The purpose of these 2 things is to create an attractive impression on the audience regarding the video content or channel. Because an attractive impression has been created, of course the audience will continue and will even wait for updates on the next video content.

To add a complete description of the following functions:

  1. Make Video Content More Attractive

As explained above, video content can be said to be interesting not only from the content presented. However, a series of video settings is also decisive, especially with a cool opening that will definitely attract the audience more. With a characteristic in a video opener, it will definitely make viewers memorized and be more interested in looking forward to your next video. It also creates a sense of connection between the beginning and the end of the video.

  1. Opening Great Impression at the Beginning of the Video

Making an extraordinary impression at the beginning will certainly make viewers amazed not only at video content. Like you make a home page, it must be organized and give an extraordinary first impression. As with video content, on the basis of that a catchy intro is essential for building a great impression.

  1. Provide a glimpse of video content

The function of an intro video is not only as decoration or recognition of names and titles. But it can also be filled with a little review of the video content that is displayed. At a glance, a video content will arouse the curiosity of the audience, which will lead the audience to continue watching the video. What needs to be paid attention is to make an interesting opening like displaying a climax question in the video.

  1. Make the audience curious

The presence of an impressive intro video will definitely arouse the audience’s curiosity. So that in their hearts they will definitely start asking about the continuation of the story in the video content.

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