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The following is an explanation regarding the meaning of the icon


Nowadays digitalization is very closely related to everyday life. Various things even to work have also started to get used to using digital. Certainly this is good, because the role of technology today is very important and has a positive impact on many aspects. This is directly proportional to the development of an interesting multimedia world. The development of graphic design every year has a significant development. With this development, it is certainly used in various fields, one of which is in making icons. For those of you who are deep in graphic design, surely you already know the meaning of icons, so for those of you who don’t know the following is what icons are:


Icon is a display in the form of a symbol or image as the mascot of an object that reflects the object’s function itself. Simply put, icons make it easier for users to remember an object in the form of an image when accessing certain information on a website, on a computer or elsewhere. So that users are more familiar with an icon object itself.


So between one icon object and another object, of course, has a visible difference. This is because the purpose of making an icon is a sign or a symbol that is unique and must be different from the others. Like on a computer, the icon is easy to find. Starting from the beginning of the boot process, to the opening display, you will find many icons. Usually the icon on a computer represents a file, object, application, folder or other object. There is also an icon symbol in the form of letters and numbers, basically an icon will be adjusted according to its use.


Usually you can find various kinds of icons on computer applications, mobile applications or parts of a website. In addition to adding a sweet appearance to the screen, this icon also makes it easier for website visitors or smartphone users to select and mark an application that they will use.


In some platforms the icon can also be resized so that it is more efficient. Examples such as the Health icon, Medical Icon, or Health Icon Vector which are usually used on websites belonging to hospitals or companies engaged in the medical field.


If you are confused about choosing the icon that you will use later you can consult with us via email or directly buy the icons that we have provided on this website.

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