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How to Create an Intro Video That Will Attract Your Audience

For content creators, definitely want to make the video to be shared more attractive, therefore adding an intro video or an intro logo is important. Even though the intro video has been added, sometimes it still feels less impressive. Therefore, here’s how to make the intro video that is made to give a good impression to the audience.

  1. Make it Using Video Editing Software

Many video editing software can be used. You can choose according to your needs and abilities to use it. Besides that, you also have to know the features of the video editing software that you are going to use. So that later you don’t need to change software for video editing.

If you have just learned about video editing, it’s a good idea to look for tutorial references and review references about the software before starting to use it to make an intro video. If you’ve been looking for references and tutorials, pour out your creativity and accuracy in making the intro video, in order to produce an intro video that is memorable and resonates with the audience’s head.

  1. Try To Provide An Interesting Summary

Displaying the title on the opening video is usually done, but to attract the attention of the audience, of course you can insert a video summary of the content presented, which aims to arouse the curiosity of the audience so that they will enjoy the video until the end.

Besides that, you also have to be careful in entering a video summary, so that it will be more interesting. Usually a lot of people present an almost climactic side to their video content. After the goal of making curiosity was achieved, the audience was automatically led to watch until the video climax area until the end of the video.

  1. Make Correlation Between Videos Presented

If you have several videos on your channel, then try to make a correlation between one video and another so that it will give the impression that it doesn’t stray from the path. This correlation can be made by making a storyline. You can make this correlation by making a flashback storyline. If this is the case, the audience will recall the previous story and begin to be curious about the continuation and ending of the video.

  1. Create a video intro that’s unique and different from other channels

As content creators, you certainly want to be known so that the video content that is presented has a large audience. Surely you don’t want your video to be the same as the others, therefore creators usually have distinctive features in the video content, even though it’s only in the intro video but it will make viewers remember your characteristics. Besides that, it will also attract the audience if the characteristics of your channel or video are interesting.

  1. Add an interesting sound effect or backsong

Apart from the title, an interesting intro video, there is one element in the opening video that can be used to attract the audience, namely the sound effect or backsong. The intro video which aims to attract the audience with the addition of accompanying song elements can also lead the audience to go deeper while enjoying the video.

  1. Beautify with animation

After some of the elements above have been included in the video, you can explore by adding animation. Such as transition effects or other effects that can add aesthetic value to a video. In making a video, your creativity is very important so that the video will look cool and make the audience interested.

So of course you already have a fresh and interesting idea to make an intro video. Come on, contact if you are still confused about making

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